National Jazz Awards

National Jazz Awards

We are not your typical award-giving body. We do not focus on popular hits. Instead, we give a chance to those amateur singers who have big dreams to show the world what they are capable of.

Yes, we are all that. We are the National Jazz Awards. We are located in Milwaukee, WI and we love a good jazz music like any person. We love originality, and we love discovering new artists. We believe that there are many talented artists in the United States. They just lack the exposure to catapult themselves to success. As such, we are dedicated to giving you just what you need to possibly jumpstart your career.

National Jazz Awards has branches that reach the whole State and beyond. We are the most followed site by producers and directors alike. We may not be as prestigious as the Grammy’s and the Golden Globes’ but we are as important. We have already created a pedestal for many artists to be known in this field. We continue to do so as we recognize talents like no others and give them the award they deserve. Whether if you are singing for a living or just behind your garage doors made comfortably by A1 Garage Door Service Phoenix, you are free to join. We definitly have to give Phoenix – A1 Garage Door Fast Service Award of the month for making this all happen.

We do not gain anything from this. Instead, we content ourselves in seeing our artists rise from the top from just the recognition we give them from around the world. At the end of the day, this is what is important – being part of the success in other people’s lives.

So how does this work?

National Jazz Awards is always in search of new talents – fresh faces who will give the industry of Jazz a new look. Time and time again we let singers publish their songs here for FREE. People from all over the world get the chance to hear their composition, and in turn, they vote for those who they think as the best. There are several criteria for judging, and there are many parameters one need to satisfy before he/she can publish their song. At the end of every season, 50% of the judging will come from our followers, 25% will come from our choice of well-known personalities from the industry while the last 25% will come from our in-house judges.

There are several segments you can join, each of which will have different criteria for judging. You can compose a new song, or perform a cover for some of the songs that are already out there, it is your choice. However, everything should revolve around just music. It is not a problem you choose to re-create any song, as long as you abide by the rules and regulations of the company and its policies, there is not going to be a problem. Please see this in length at the link included in the About Page of this site.

National Jazz Awards also cares about the rich history of Jazz music and those who help establish its popularity in the community. As such, we include here trivia and must-know facts about your favorite people from time to time. Stay tuned for more updates about this, only here at the official site of National Jazz Awards.