About Us

National Jazz Awards is an award-giving body for talented amateur singers who have big dreams. We are in our 15th year already this year, and we are still running. What started as a simple search for the best original performers in 2002 have now become one of the most followed sites in the world.

We are composed of a team of professionals who have the eye for talented individuals. They came from the different parts of the industry and some of them are artists themselves. They have the appreciation for good Jazz music that they treat every song with respect. From the time the company has started up to the present, they never failed to provide support not only to the company as a whole but to our valued followers as well.

We are proud to say that we have already created many artists people look up to at present. From just being a frequent visitor to their courageous submission of their pieces, we are with them every step of the way. We even follow through when they need advice and assistance even after they make a leap to stardom. It’s humbling how we have become a part of their success and how they still look back to us after their big hits.

National Jazz Awards is non-profit. We never generate anything from the music of people who join our search. The profit the artists make from the music being downloaded from the site goes directly to their accounts. The only earnings the company get are from the ads and sponsors. The prizes to be won here at the end of every season comes mainly from sponsorship. We are in partnership with many recording companies who make it happen.

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