Frequently Asked Questions

We know you are excited about participating in the fun that only National Jazz Awards can give you. Before we proceed, please read first our frequently asked questions for your guidance and reference.

Is National Jazz Awards a recording company?

No, we are not. Although we are in partnership with many recording companies in the United States, we are not recording company per se. We are simply a website where you can publish your original Jazz music for the world to see. We hold a contest for the most beautiful music every season, and we award them accordingly. We provide exposure for you here in our website where producers and talent scouts are frequent visitors.

Who can join the National Jazz Awards?

Everybody can join. Any Americans can submit their entries, even international singers, and artists.

Do we need to pay for anything if we join?

No payment needed. You can just submit your entries and voila! You are good to go. We do not accept any registration or processing fee for those who will join.

How often do I see my composition on your site?

During the whole season, you can see it taking turns with other artists on the landing page of our website. Our staff ensures that the rotation is fair for all the participants. We give everything the proper exposure they need. Although it may not be your turn to be on the landing page, people can still see your composition via browsing our site.

Do I earn anything by joining?

As a matter of fact, yes. We are proud to say that just by participating, you get to generate some earnings from this site. We do not allow any unauthorized download. Your music is yours and for every download by our followers, you get all the profit straight from your accounts.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us today.