We are at the start of our new season for this year. As such, we are proud to introduce to you the faces that will grace your music players this season! Check them out below. You can access their music at this site. Voting will not resume until announced. For the meantime, get yourselves familiarize their music, and get up close and personal with the artists.

Pamela Young

Pamela is an only child of Martha and Brig Young. At a young age, she already knew that her passion lies in music writing and singing. She loves to perform and she takes every chance to show-off her talent on and off the stage. She already joined a lot of contests previously which majority of it she won. You’ll find her original composition here entitled “Margarita.”

Johannes Brighton

Johannes Brighton came from a not so good neighborhood in Nevada. He was brought up in a foster home but he never let this hinder him from his dreams. In fact, he was working as a singer at the local bar in his area. According to him, he has already made a decent fan base from his hometown. Check out his song here – “The World is Larger Than it Is.”

Cherry Yu

Cherry is your typical girl-next-door type. She is a natural performer which was enhanced by enrolling in many acting, music and performing school when she was little. She loves to sing with her friends and is a lead vocals for her band “Shame on Me” who performs regularly at their school and at many different events across the country. She is cheerful and always manages to find the beauty in everything around her. She was described by her bandmates as the ‘nightingale’ of the group. Listen to her sing her piece “Lightning in Me” only here at National Jazz Awards.

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